Free month 48 worth €10.99 with 48 mobile, the new Irish mobile operator offering 100GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts for just €10.99 a month! Get a free month 48 with 48 promo code luigid-82. Enjoy unlimited calls, texts and a massive 100GB of data with the best coverage in Ireland. Fast download speeds get you the best of social, live streaming, Netflix and the likes. And you if need a secure VPN, we got your covered with NordVPN discounted up to 68% and Deliveroo!

Free month 48 worth €12.99

48mobile €10.99 a month is now gone! The low cost carrier is now offering their unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 100GB deal at €12.99 per month. Get a month for free with our discount code!


On 48.ie you can order your new SIM card that once activated gives you up to 100GB of data, unlimited calls and texts. There is one single plan where you get a huge 100 GB data allowance, unlimited calling minutes and an unlimited number of text messages. You can use all of it in a month or can save some of it for next month’s choice is yours. All of this goodness and a free month 48 for 10.99 euro a month, use our promo code luigid-82 to get a free month.

Free month 48 €10.99 plan
Free month 48 €10.99 plan

Free month 48 allows you to swap unused minuted for extra data should you run out of 100GB. That’s a great opportunity if you use your mobile phone as hotspot or have watched all those Netflix episodes in one go!

Not using all of your data this month? With forty eight mobile (48 mobile) you can save up to 5GB for an emergency. Get free month 48 with our promo code luigid-82!

Run out of data this month? Friends don’t have anything to borrow? Once a month, you can get 1GB of data to get back to 48 the next month.

48 Mobile Promo Codes

One simple plan for 48mobile, 10.99 a month for 100GB. Get your sim for free now ? here!

Looking for 48Months promo codes? Use luigid-82 to claim you free month of 100GB of data, unlimited calls and text with 48Mobile.

How long will it take for my 48 SIM to arrive?

On average, it should take about 3-5 working days. An Post will delivered it to your address and and you’ll get an email from 48 once it’s been dispatched.

Mobile coverage

48mobile covers 99.84% of population for voice and text and 99.7% for 3G data and 98.6% for 4G. Being a Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), 48 relies on 3 network across the country.

48 Mobile Network Plans

The 48 Mobile plan is pretty straight forward. You pay €10.99 per month and you can make unlimited calls to any Irish landline and mobile numbers. Texts (SMS) are part of the deal too. The offer is subject to fair usage as is the case with all mobile providers worldwide, not just in Ireland.

The fair usage policy states that “fair use policy applies where your use of the 48 Services is deemed by us to be excessive or unreasonable”. 48 mobile has defined the threshold as “fair use threshold currently set at 3,000 minutes and 5,000 text messages for every monthly period”.

When it comes to data, there’s no unlimited claim here. 48 is clearly stating you get 100GB of data.

Free month 48 €10.99 plan

You pay 10.99 per month and in return, you can make all the calls you like to Irish landline and mobile numbers. Texts are included too. Three Ireland has ramped up the competition by launching a 10.99 per month offer through its digital only brand, 48.

48 sim card ireland

Get your free 48 sim card ireland delivered to your door with a month free worth €10.99. 100GB of data, unlimited calls and texts free for you on 48 mobile ireland.

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