Tesla Car Rental in Dublin is now possible without breaking the bank thanks to UFODrive. As always, we only write about stuff we have tested. Let’s see how to rent a Tesla in Dublin. We rented a Tesla Model Y for 3 days to drive around Dublin, Ireland. Renting a Tesla with UFODrive takes just a couple of clicks on their app and you are all set and good to go. Start your Tesla rental with a UFODrive discount code for €30 off.

Tesla Car Rental in Dublin

Booking a Tesla Car rental with UFODrive was as easy as ordering something off Amazon. Download the UFODrive app from the Apple Store or Google Store and get your account created and approved. Rent a Tesla in Dublin is super easy and convenient with UFO Drive.

Once your account is confirmed, you can start the booking process by selecting the city and the location, should more than one be available as in the case of Dublin.

Picked a location, you can select when you want to rent your Tesla Car. The longer the rent period the lower the daily price; we managed to rent our Tesla Model Y (branded) for €64 a day over a 3 day rental. You got it right, you can save by renting a UFODrive branded Tesla; you get the very same Tesla car with just some fancy branding on the outside.

Tesla Car Rental Dublin
Tesla Car Rental Dublin

UFODrive Discount

Start your booking from this link (works only from mobile) and get €30 free credit to spent on your first rental. That’s a great way to get started with renting a Tesla in Dublin.

Rent a Tesla in Dublin

Renting a Tesla in Dublin starts at St. Stephen’s Green Q-Park, a multistorey carpark that servers the area of the Royal College of Surgeons and the St. Stephen’s Green Shipping Center. The UFOBay with your car waiting to be retrieved is conveniently located on level 1D. Clicking “Find the Car” you’ll be guided to the pick up location on Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Tesla Rent Booking
Tesla Rent Booking

The retrieve process is clearly described on the app and very easy to follow. Find your car, start the rent by taking a selfie, inspect the car and take pictures of it and finally sign your contract. It took us less than 5 minutes to be seating in the car ready to start our Tesla car rental in Dublin.

Your smartphone with the UFO Drive app is the key to unlock your car for the whole duration of your rental. Cars can be picked up and dropped off 24/7, there is no interaction with staff as it is everything automated and managed via the app.

By default, UFODrive includes 50 kilometers per day of rental. You can add more based on your needs; we did our homework and went with 150km (50 a day per 3 days). Our estimates were correct, we ended up driving for 164km, 14km extra for a total of €3.5 (€0.25/km extra).

Unplug the car from charging and drive out, your Tesla rental has started! Congrats you have just rented a Tesla in Dublin.

Charging a Tesla in Dublin

In the glove box or in center armrest compartment there is you ESB eCars card to use public charges around the country free of charge! In the trunk the car comes with the 3-pin plug charging cable should you not able to find a better charging solution.

If you look on the Tesla website or on the onboard nav, you’ll get the locations of SuperChargers in Ireland. For those in Dublin there is one SuperCharger located in Sandyford and charging is free with your rental.

Rent a Tesla in Dublin

Our Tesla Model Y was in pristine conditions. The interiors were spotless and like brand new; the outside was clean still with some room for improvement. UFODrive welcomes you with a complimentary bottle of water; it was a nice extra on entering the car.

With your UFO Drive rent, you have access to the complete Tesla set of settings and applications, the fact you are renting does not impair your Tesla experience. If this is the first time driving a Tesla, we recommend spending a couple of minutes getting familiar with all the settings like seat position, rearview mirrors and steering wheel position.

All UFO Drive Tesla have the Premium Connectivity pack, no need to bring you own portable router or use your smartphone as hotspot. We enjoyed Netflix, Youtube and Spotify with no issues besides a couple of times were LTE coverage was spotty despite being in Dublin.

Our Model Y was 100% battery charge at pickup, UFO Drive gives you free charging for the whole duration of your rental. Whether you have a SuperCharger location nearby or use one of the public charging ports, that’s included.

During our rental, we charged our Tesla 2 times at ESB Charging Points (22kW AC). The smartcard required to start the charge is located in an envelope under the armrest.

UFO Drive customer service

Before starting our rental and during it we got in touch with the customer service. Via email we got our booking amended within 2 hours and via chat we got the glovebox pin within minutes. Great customer experience, easy to get in touch with a customer representative and problem solved very quickly.


Overall, I think the service offered by UFODrive is excellent. Everything from booking to customer service, pickup and return was perfect. Prices are very competitive compared with other car rentals like Hertz considering that charging is often not include while it is with UFODrive.

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